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    I have a T250i (Vodafone branded) to unlock and change LP to Portuguese Br. Unlocking ok. Testing phone before flash and phone is working. So, go flash phone. All done, but after flash (and unlock again) phone, i had aways "No Network" message. Checking phone´s info screen (press "*" key 3 times without SIM inserted), i´ve found the problem:

    So, flashing it again with second file. Same problem:

    Flashing again with third file, and problem is solved!

    For my language (PT Br), there are 3 flashfiles on Support Area:
    - T258c_T250i_T250a_DPY1013220_8_Generic_Latin_Ameri ca: 850/1900Mhz
    - T258c_T250i_T250a_DPY1013221_8_Generic_Latin_Ameri ca: 850/1900Mhz
    - T258c_T250i_T250a_DPY1013217_15_Generic_Latin_Amer ica: 900/1800Mhz

    So, if you have network problems after flash, check info screen to verify SW network operation band. It must be matching with HW band:

    If band not match, flash it again with a different flashfile. If match and not works, you have HW (or "blacklist") problems.
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