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    Default FAQ from MOBILE-FILES.COM

    Q: what is db2000,db2010,db2020,pnx5230,db3150,db3210 ?

    A: that is chipsets of new SEMC phones.

    db2000 (otherwise called marita "full") is inside next phones: z1010/v800/z800/w900/lg3g/sharp3g
    db2010 (otherwise called "marita compact") is inside j300/k300/k500/k700/s700/k750 phones.
    db2020 (otherwise called "marika") is inside k610/k550/k790/k800/w850/w880/z610/well, almost in all new phones.
    pnx5230 is philips chipset and can be found inside z310,w350,w380,z555 phones.
    db3150 is A2 generation, phones like k850,w910,w890,z750,etc have it
    db3200,db3210,db3350 is further revisions of A2 platform.

    Q: how to enable "search mode" and "GSM/3g networks" in "mobile networks" menu item of v800/k600/k608 ?

    A: use following script (all in one string,without spaces !!!!)


    Q: i unlocked my z520 and my phone is dead !!! help ! help !

    A:detach phone from cable, remove battery for 20 seconds ,then insert it back and try to turn phone on. must be ok.

    still not work ? select in "main firmware file" edit file eroms\k750_w800_z520_new_erom.ssw and flash it.
    detach cable, remove battery, wait for 20 seconds, insert it back.
    must work.

    if still not work - you made something besides simple pressing "unlock" button and phone must be repaired other way.

    Q: i flashed my phone and it became dead !!! aaargh !!! help me , help !

    A:relax. current semc phones can't be killed completely by software. well, some can, but setool2 will not allow it to do it.. simple

    general way to do:


    a friend comes with phone. phone not powers on at all.


    1. try to flash phone with corresponding flashfiles. if it flashes - good, flash it.

    following step should not be applied to db2020/pnx5230/db2010 cid49/cid50/cid51/cid52 phones.

    2. if after complete phone reports "csloader startup error, fs startup error 1,2,23" then you need to restore erom.

    all needed EROMs is inside "eroms" folder of setool2 distribution.
    for db2000 phones erom is z800_v800_k600_old_erom.ssw
    for db2010 phones erom is k750_w800_z520_old_erom.ssw
    for w550/w600/s600 phone erom is w550_erom.ssw
    when flashing EROM you MUST set cid to OTP cid !!!!!

    3. if after succefull flashing (complete ok) phone powers on with white screen/freezes on "please wait" step - you need to UNLOCK phone

    4. if it can't be unlocked - most probably gdfs is damaged and you must rewrite gdfs with re-formatting (go to settings tab, check "format gdfs").

    all needed gdfs is inside "gdfs_in_bin_format,gdfs_in_ssw_format" folders of setool2 distr.
    select corresponding gdfs in "misc files" edit and press "write gdfs"
    always make "unlock" after write gdfs.

    please note, that you SHOULD NOT mess with gdfs in db2020 phones, pnx5230 phones, cid50/51/52 db2010 phones.
    actually, you only can safely rewrite gdfs on db2000/db2010 cid16/29/36/49 phones.

    Q: how to remove "strange" "1e0w" or simular from service menu?

    for z1010 use script:

    for all other db2000/db2010 phones use script:

    for db2020 use next script

    Q: i really like to make some pre-defined email/gprs account !

    A:all pre-defined gprs and so on account stored in customize.xml file.
    you can readout that file from phone with such accounts,using script command

    (file will be in PC directory ph_out\tpa\preset\custom\customize.xml)
    then you can modify it as you need and write back into phone with script command


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